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Item to be purchased:
One (1) packet containing thirty (29) 4x6 greeting cards and envelopes.
Packaging: Shrink wrapped

Cost: $20 (plus tax, plus optional shipping fees).
100% of the proceeds going to the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Fund
NOTE: Since this is NOT a tax deductible donation, and tangible goods are being received by the payee, unfortunately
taxes will be assessed at 9.1%.
Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Fund Administered by the Community Foundation of
Southern Arizona
. Pictures of Hope Tucson administration and administrative costs are being donated by
Royalex Inc. DBA Lexus of Tucson. No financial or monetary gain is being made by Royalex, it's affiliates or partners.
After all greeting cards are sold, a one time lump sum donation will be made to the Community Foundation of
Southern Arizona to be allocated towards the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial fund. Record keeping and financial
records are available for public review upon request by writing to or 815 W. Auto Mall
Drive, Tucson, AZ 85705. Supplies are limited to qty 220 packets. Refunds will be made to payee if supplies are not
available after time of purchase. Payee must provide full details of identification including a contact method in case
any problems arise in processing the order. Administrator is not responsible for incomplete or incorrect information
provided within paypal.

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